Primal Pantry

In my haste to create the best blog in the world about the best meal of the day, I somehow created a ‘formula’ that I’ve felt compelled to follow… rating interior, food, staff etc. Well the formula SUCKS! I don’t actually know why I continued to write this way… I stopped enjoying it a long time ago.

So baring this in mind, I am going to write a new post, wholly and completely different from anything before, although I will include ratings because let’s be honest… everyone loves rating things (Facebook root rate pages anyone?)

When I first started this little written endeavour I was too scared to write anything negative because I didn’t want to stand on peoples toes BUT I am so bloody sick of the Urban List and Weekend Edition giving me false hope on breakfast places. Seriously, I read a little article about a supposedly great new place and then I go and feel deflated as I sit there stirring my coffee, fists clenched furious that I once again fell for the pretty photography on the Facebook page! Why have I not learnt?!?!


First off the cuff is Primal Pantry in Teneriffe… and I visited this when it first opened and then maybe a month later. So yes, this post has been sitting in my drafts for a long time.

The new kid off the block in Tenerife is a 100% paleo and GLUTEN FREE café/grocer located on Florence Street (yeah you heard me… just up the road from Sourced Grocer – gutsy move right?!?!). Now, being the first paleo eatery in Brisbane (well the first that I am aware of) has meant there has been a lot of hype and anticipation surrounding the opening of this appropriately named and alliterated café. 

Primal – as in paleo – as in Paleolithic – as in eating like a caveman… have you got my drift? If you are not up to date on the paleo diet I suggest you visit our old friend Google or just click here. Basically, it is getting back to basics and eating like a caveman, meat, eggs and fresh fruit and vegetables.

 So was I duly impressed? You know this one has had me stumped, but I have come to the conclusion that I just don’t like it.

I like the concept. I loved the food. The coffee is phenomenal (you must get it made on coconut milk. It was as if a little cherub had bathed in my cup and made it heavenly). The staff were lovely, very informative and they took the time to remember my name on the first visit… I know I have just said I liked everything, but the thing I love about breakfast is the vibe, and you will roll your eyes at me, but I like to eat at a place that has a bit of god damn soul! And Primal Pantry, I am sorry to be so blunt but your vibe sucks. Actually, it doesn’t suck because there is no vibe.

Proscuitto, asparagus, duck egg, mushrooms and halznuts IMG_0383

I’m going to put this ‘lack of vibe’ down to the location and interior. It just doesn’t quite come together. You can tell what they are trying to achieve but it doesn’t translate well at all… AND YOU CANNOT SAY YOU ARE A CAFÉ/GROCER when your ‘grocer’ part is just a wee stand in the corner. It’s the same as the advertising for free-range chickens… you think those little chickens are running through green pastures with the odd daisy popping up through the luscious lawn, but really they live in a barn, and their ‘green pastures’ is in reality just a smattering of chicken poop covered straw. So don’t go to Primal Pantry for breakfast expecting to kill two birds with one stone… you will get breakfast, but you wont get the ingredients needed to make dinner.


Oh PS on the food front it was AH-MAZING so if you don’t care about the vibe then trot on down… I recommend the Proscuitto Wrapped Asparagus with fried duck egg and hazelnut – I added mushrooms – it was phenomenal – Im going to give it a 4/5 for deliciousness. Check out their menu here.

Primal Pantry
Teneriffe Village
Cnr Florence & Macquarie St, Teneriffe
07 3252 5960

Follow them on facebook  and instagram @primalpantry

Open 7 days, 7am – 3pm

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“We believe in wholesome, unique and yummy food. Vegetarian, vegan and meaty food that is good to eat and good for you. We serve only organic, fair trade coffee and source good quality organic and free range produce where we can. We believe you should eat something green with every meal and you should never compromise on the quality of raw ingredients. We believe if you prefer rye or gluten-free bread when you eat out, you should be able to order it. We believe Chai tea should always be made from leaves and that high quality dark chocolate should always be at the bottom of any mocha or hot chocolate that you order.” – Sassafras


I loved Sassafras’s food philosophy so much that I thought it should be the first thing you read. Situated in hilly Paddington this weatherboard cottage turned cafe has been a popular spot amongst breakfast lovers for years. Although I enjoyed my breakfast, I don’t have anything really to rave about, so I’ll make this short and sweet.

Space & Interior: 3

Cute and cosy with a little bit of odd thrown in there for good measure. Walking into the cafe you are greeted with the huge, raised deli counter harboring all their sweet treats, salads and other goodies. To the right is the seating and then you walk through to another room of seating, then another, then outside to a lovely, leafy and rather airy courtyard. The space is literally crammed with a quirky mix of antique furniture, and a strange assortment of paraphernalia is littered throughout the cafe – the vintage mix masters on top of the bookshelf were my favourite!

Staff & Service: 2

You have to order from the deli counter – so do not go sitting down and expect to be attended to! The staff were sweet although they seemed a little bored (or maybe she was just boring). Our meals arrived on our table without a smile and we weren’t attended to during breakfast.

The Menu: 3

It was a classic breakfast menu with a large list of things to choose from. I will add that it is slightly on the expensive side for breakfast – however bare in mind that the meals are huge, so I guess you are getting value for money. Catering for dairy free, vegetarian and gluten free makes it a great place to go with a large group.

Our Meals: 3

They were huge! I ordered the chilli corn cakes w hommus, spinach, crispy bacon and tomato relish ($17), while A ordered the canadian hotcakes w maple syrup, bacon and grilled banana ($17). It was the first time A had ever had bacon with maple syrup, so she was in heaven. Although my corn cakes were yummy, there wasn’t corn all the way through, nor was there enough relish or hommus for the amount of doughey corn cakes.

Coffee: 3

I can’t remember it being bad or excellent so I will say that it was just good – as coffee generally is!

Overall 3

Although a the experience was satisfying I was slightly disappointed with Sassafras. It may possibly be one of those things where I had heard too many good things and gone in with overly high expectations – Shakespeare was right when he said “Expectation is the root of all heartache.” Having said that I will probably go back and see if going in with lower expectations makes the experience more enjoyable.

See our ratings explained here 


88 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington
Opening hours: 7am – 3pm 7 days a week

Check the menu out here

Follow them on Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter  – seriously do they post amazingly delicious photos

Notes: Eftpos is available, plenty of onstreet parking (with a short walk), noise high, caters for Gluten free, Dairy free & Vegetarian, also offers catering and function hire

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The Gunshop Cafe

“At the gunshop café, food is made with the best ingredients sourced directly from local markets daily. Because of this we are able to change dishes on the menu daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner. We can also cater for special dietary requirements. It is always best to let us know in advance.” – The Gunshop Cafe


The Gunshop Cafe has a lot to live up to. It was voted “Best Breakfast Restaurant In Brisbane” by Restaurant & Catering Queensland in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011… The Gourmet Traveller said “Top 20 Breakfast Restaurants In Australia” and now I am here to give you my thoughts on this little legend.

To be honest, it was a winner… although it’s not my cup of tea (I tend to gravitate toward the more quirky personal spaces) there was absolutely nothing to complain about, and my parents love it!

Space & Interior: 3

The space comprises of footpath seating, two rooms in the building and a spacious and light filled courtyard and deck. It was beautiful for a midweek winter morning. Being winter we sat just inside the front window of the building. Although the room is quite plain, the raw brick walls, wooden floors and low hanging lighting make the space warm and inviting, giving it a cosy feeling without actually being small.  The low morning light was streaming in through the windows catching the steam from our coffees, and we were happily rugged up inside. We checked out the outside area before we left and it is a pretty cool space. There is a raised deck to one side with big green industrial lights hanging over the tables and then the sunken, bricked floor courtyard holds most of the seating. Set against flourishes of green leaves it would be a pretty nice place to sit had it not been so cold!



One last thing on the interior… there are these weird busts of big eyed, slightly alien looking people all over the place. I don’t particularly like them but they are amusing to say the least.

The Staff: 4

Our waitress was the best. We had a little chat, joked about the weather and she offered great advice on our breakfast choices. She was smiley and polite in a natural way – not the kind of way where you can tell she is being paid to be nice and smiley – and she was pretty cute too. The man at the counter had a little joke with us about something and sent us on our way with a smile.

The Menu: 4

There is a weekly breakfast menu and a weekend brunch menu; they aren’t much different so don’t stress. There is A LOT to choose from and all interesting choices… here are a few:

avocado on spelt kamut toast, persian fetta, avocado oil, lemon, flake salt      $13.5o

marinated white anchovy bruschetta, heirloom tomatoes, fresh picked basil and balsamic aged vinegar     $16.50

clover creek Tasmania lamb cutlets, bubble and squeak, slow roast tomatoes, rainbow chard,
fried duck egg, tomato jam            $20.5o

mooloolaba prawn omelette, wakame seaweed salad, kewpie mayonnaise, soy-ponzu sauce, toasted panko          $19.5o

Pricing is a little higher than usual but the servings are overly generous and just LOOK at the ingredients – I can’t imagine Toulouse sausage or Mooloolaba prawns come cheap.

Our Meals: 3.5

We had the…
Potato & feta hash cakes, truss bella rossa tomatoes, baby spinach, herbed sour cream $17.50


Roasted Swiss mushrooms, stilton fondue, toasted sourdough, pear and walnut salad $18.50


Bundaberg figs, spiced whipped ricotta, almond granola, fresh blueberries $15.50


All the meals were beautifully presented and generous in serving. The hash cakes were great, light and fluffy, very tasty and did we say HUGE? The mushrooms looked the best and dipping the sourdough into the melted cheese was pure bliss… and the granola was great. It is made in house and delicious but I could have done with more blueberries AND to be completely honest, I make a tastier granola at home. I was slightly disappointed but if you aren’t a granola snob like myself then I recommend it.

The Coffee: 3

No one complained… except me. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s not that hard to get a coffee right! I ordered a long black with hot milk on the side… did my milk come out with my coffee? No. Did I have to ask the waitress for it? Yes. Now I know it’s small, but 78% of the time my milk on the side does not arrive with my coffee, and it’s not that hard to get right! Rant over.

Overall: 3.5

The Gunshop Cafe is a great place to go, especially with a larger group. I’ve been once before on a weekend and you will be expected to cue but the experience is enjoyable, the food is good and ultimately it is worth the wait.

The Gunshop Cafe 

53 Mollison St, West End
Booking available – 3844 2241
Opening hours: Mon: 7am-2.30pm, Tue – Sat: 7am – 10pm, Sun: 7am-12.30pm

Follow them on facebook 
Breakfast Mon-Fri Menu
Brunch Menu 

Notes: Eftpos is available, plenty of onstreet parking (with a short walk), noise moderate, cater for dietary requirements

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Ruby Cafe, Paddington

This morning E and I decided to go out to breakfast with no real destination set in stone just the idea of ‘somewhere in Paddington’. We found a carpark on a side street and started lazily strolling down Given Terrace immersed in some ridiculous (yet undoubtedly entertaining) conversation about scarves… and this my friends is how I met your mother. LOL, just kidding, but it is how we found Ruby – and what a gem it is (pun intended).


577859_602536883090333_1765416632_nSpace & Interior: 3.5
Cute, casual and effortlessly charming. The space is quite narrow but has a classic cafe charm and a dreamy view. Yeah, you heard me, a view… at the end of the cafe there is a large window that overlooks Paddington and Red Hill (imagine the splattering of purple out there come jacarandah season!)

The ceiling is ruby red (cute) and the long wall that the seating backs onto is made up of wood panels interspersed with what I think is a bird print wall paper (?)  Regardless, it looks very cool. The street seating doesn’t really match the interior; it’s all red and white striped awning with Parisian looking cafe tables and chairs… so different to inside, but I guess this just adds to the charm.

The atmosphere is really quite comforting. I felt like I was walking into an old friend’s house, the kind of place you know so well and always feel welcome in. Oh and there were also fresh muffins cooling on the window sill – like COME ON could you be any cuter Ruby?

Staff & Service: 3 
Just as you’d expect! A friendly smile and a speedy, attentive waitress – nothing to complain about.

The Menu: 4
Gosh I love a good all day breakfast menu. I just really appreciate waking up after a large night and knowing that I can get a judgement free, decent breakfast in the middle of the afternoon.

Ruby’s menu is great, and I am very stoked that it is not just the standard breakfast fare. The interesting fusion of flavours make for so much delicious intrigue! I must admit that I was a little overwhelmed reading the menu because EVERYTHING SOUNDS AMAZING!!! Go onto their facebook page right now and check out their menu if you don’t believe me.

And if you don’t like what’s on the menu, or simply don’t have time, then have no fear because they have a pretty awesome smattering of delicious treats and quick eats in their cabinet. The pricing was good with a variety of meals priced at $5, $12.50, $16 and $18.50.

Our Meals: 4
So E and I weren’t very adventurous this morning and we had the porridge and avocado on toast – boring I know but everyone has their favourites!

The ‘poached pear and macadamia porridge/chia seeds’ was just like getting a hug from a bowl. The absolute perfect way to start a lovely crisp autumn’s day. I’m going to go as far as to say that it is the best porridge I’ve ever had, and dare I say that it might just deserve a 5/5? Because as far as porridge goes (and you have to be a porridge fan to appreciate its yumminess) this is pretty much as good as it gets.

The ‘smashed avocado/vino cotto/toasted almonds/artichoke hearts/ on 5 grain toast’ was also pretty yummy. Unfortunately mine was a little heartless (like the lion from the Wizard of Oz) because they were out of artichoke – sad face. But nevertheless I still enjoyed my meal thoroughly and will happily give it a 3/5 because the toast was bitchin’… so much better than plain old

Click here to see the ratings explained.

I’ve also heard from a reliable source (and a seasoned breakfaster) that the bubble and squeak hash cakes are 10/10.

Coffee: 3
When I saw that the coffee was Vittoria my heart sank a little BUT the barista must be Harry Potter or something because he turned what I would say is a pretty blah coffee into a pretty YEEEAAAAHHHH coffee – so Kudos Barista!

Overall: 4
Ruby definitely deserves its place on the Paddington cafe strip and I’m going to give it an extra Kudos for being ballsy and opening up shop right opposite the popular Anouk.

942237_624874997523188_140958450_n 920081_634570389886982_965551992_o

Ruby Cafe (I actually don’t know whether it is just Ruby or Ruby Cafe?)

233 Given Terrace, Paddington
Booking available – 3367 2274
Opening hours: 6.30am until late

Follow them on facebook  and instagram @rubycafe

Notes: Eftpos is available, plenty of onstreet parking (with a short walk), noise low – moderate.

SIDE NOTE! I may have borrowed some images off the Ruby Facebook page because lets face it I am a breakfaster not a photographer and I sometimes (often) forget to take any photos other than m

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The Burrow

A great place for dinner and as it turns out a pretty good breakfast haunt as well.

A few weeks ago I went for a late night cup of chai at the Three Monkeys and we drove past this little place that I thought was a small backpackers bar… well as it turns out it is not quite so small and it is not a backpackers bar. It is on the other hand a fun place with a bitchin’ menu.

Space and Interior: 3.5
Like I said, I thought it was a backpackers, it has that vibe where it pretends like it is a relaxing place to catch up with friends over a few drinks but really it’s that place you end up dancing on a table at 1.00am to some horrific top of the pops song that you genuinely dislike in sobriety… you know, the type of places you find in Byron Bay or Airlie Beach.

So anyway, it is pretty cool. There is a downstairs, an upstairs, two balconies and a laneway. The furniture is miss matched, there is a lot of exposed timber and the walls are covered with anything and everything – posters, blackboards, newspaper clippings etc.

Staff & Service: 3
The staff were cool, polite, helpful etc. We chose to sat upstairs as it was a chilly morning and we were chasing a bit of sunlight. The downside to sitting upstairs is that the staff did not frequent our area as much as we would have liked… luckily I hadn’t seen my date in forever so we had plenty of talking to distract us from that second coffee we desperately wanted.

The Menu: 4.5
There are only 10 or so breakfasts to choose from but they are all really cool – a bagel, scrambled tofu, museli, beef cheek and mushrooms, porkbelly, morcilla/polenta cake, soft taco’s… Prices range from $13-$20

My Meal: 4.5
We ordered the Rivendell Granola with seasonal fresh and poached fruit, buffalo yoghurt and honey and the El Desperados Tacos which is Chipotle pulled pork tinga, soft taco tortillas, pico de gallo, jalapeno salsa, huevos racheros and Crema agria (with optional hot sauce)

photo-23 photo-22

They were bloody epic. The Granola looked like it was going to a breakfast with the Queen – it was just so darn pink and pretty! Definitely the best looking and well presented granola I’ve ever eaten. The Tacos were exactly the same, beautifully presented and flippin delicious. I seriously don’t know why I haven’t had mexican of breakfast before!!! The beans were to die for, the salsa was fresh and delish, my hot sauce was hot but still sweet and tasty… everything was just tops.

Coffee: 3
Coffee was good. Nice and hot – nothing to complain about.

Overall: 3.5
I really enjoyed the burrow, the only downside was that our meals took FOREVER but they were definitely worth it and I will be back for sure… I want to see them make beef cheeks pretty 😉

The Burrow

27 Molison St West End
Opening hours: Tues to Thurs 8am until late, Fri to Sun 7am until late, closed Monday

Check the menu out here

Follow them on Facebook

Notes: Eftpos is available, plenty of onstreet parking (with a short walk), noise moderate

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Bean on Dean

A busy cafe nestled amongst a tiny strip of shops in the back streets of Toowong. It was an instant love affair.

Bean on Dean

Interior & Space: 5
Bean on Dean… oh I just love you. In my books it is the ultimate place for a coffee and a catchup. The atmosphere is so casual and relaxing, the space is quite inspiring and the moment I arrive I instantly feel slightly calmer… it has a certain charm I just can’t explain.

It isn’t a very big place but it is mighty pretty. The outside eating area (the footpath) is extra wide and dotted with little industrial looking tables with recycled coffee sack ottomans and oddly painted park benches to sit on. Inside is just as cool. There are distressed timber and metal tables, the chairs don’t always match, the table numbers are written on old wooden cotton spools and there is a wall mural. The lights dangling from the ceiling give a nice glow and then smack bang in the middle of the counter is a lime green coffee machine… I feel like this description is not doing the space justice so lets just leave it at… ‘It’s really cool and different’.

Staff & Service: 3
It’s not table service. You need to walk up to the counter order and then find a table… so don’t go sitting down and expect to be attended to. The service is quick and the staff are lovely. I seem to always get served by the same young girl who wears a cute apron… cute aprons make everyone better.

The Menu: 3
Short and Sweet with quirky names and a touch of humour. You can have a kerfuffle, a hodge podge, or other finger lickin’ tummy fillers such as avo on toast, muesli and fruit, fruit toast, B.L.A.T etc. There is also a smattering of delicious baked goods to choose from on the counter… the banana bread gets my thumbs up.

photo-19My Meal: 3.5
I had the Hodge Podge which is Sonama hand roasted spelt, maple & almond muesli, drizzled with honey and served with greek yoghurt, fresh seasonal fruit and a side of milk. NOTHING IS WORSE THAN WHEN YOUR MUSELI COMES OUT WITH NOT ENOUGH MILK OR YOGHURT… fortunately for Bean on Dean they always get this right! The serving is extremely generous and you always have plenty of yoghurt and milk… at $9.90 a pop the Hodge Podge always puts a smile on my dial.

My friend had the Kerfuffle which is Avocado & Danish Fetta garnished with rocket & olive oil, served with a side of balsamic vinegar. $11.90


The Coffee: 4
Bean on Dean uses Campos Beans and their Barista always gets it right. I’ve never had a mediocre coffee here and never had to send one back for not being hot enough – which is why I keep going back for more.

Overall: 4
Bean on Dean is like that friend you can always rely on to make your day a little brighter.

photo-18Bean on Dean 
45 Dean St, Toowong
Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 6am – 1pm Saturday 7am -1pm… now this may be wrong. Their message bank says they close at 1pm but everywhere online says they close at 2pm… and I know they have just started Sunday trading but I do not know the exact hours – sorry
follow them on Facebook:

Notes: heaps of street parking around, child friendly, puppy friendly, eftpos and low noise level

Click here to see my rating description

Sprout Café

Sprout did not live up to my expectations.

Sprout Café Space and Interior: 3.5
Located on Haig Road in Auchenflower this little café is warm and inviting from the outside. With a French influenced décor Sprout is eclectic while still stylish. The interior is gorgeous with distressed wooden tables, clear perspex chairs and white napkins and silver cutlery with wee flowers in a glass vases. Majority of the seating it located inside but there are a few street tables and as we were paying I sore a small courtyard out the back. If you go I’d recommend trying to get street seating because inside gets noisy!


Staff & Service: 1
The staff were hopeless… They didn’t know where to seat us, we weren’t properly looked after, it was hard to get their attention and after waiting about 15 minutes to try and get another coffee we just got the bill and left. One of the napkins at our table was also dirty.

The menu: 3
Standard food and pricing ranging from $6 for a croissant up to $22.50 for the Sprout Big Breakfast. Nothing very exciting – or French for that matter… but what do the French have for breakfast? There are waffles, bircher, avocado on toast, granola and fruit, bacon and eggs, egg benedict and one duck egg.

My meal: 3
I had the Fresh Seasonal Fruit w Organic yoghurt and granola and my dates had the Avocado on Toasted Turkish Bread w Persian feta & cherry tomatoes and the Sprout Big Breakfast w Italian sausage, maple cured bacon, black pudding, one free range egg & cassoulet beans.


Each meal came out beautifully presented – the plates and bowls used are gorgeous and such a refreshing change to boring white! The avocado on toast was more like a sandwich (which I think was a bit of disappointment to the orderer)and the Sprout Big Breakfast wasn’t really a BIG breakfast but it was scrumptious.

Coffee: 3
It came out hot – HOLLA at me! The coffee was fine nothing exceptional but  just what you want in the morning. Sorry, I forgot to ask what beans they use!

Overall… 2
I won’t be going back to sprout anytime soon. However my neighbours said that they had a lovely experience there last Sunday so don’t write it off completely!

Sprout Café
113 Haig Road, Auchenflower
Opening Hours: 7am Tuesday – Sunday

Notes: Noise moderate to Loud, Split bills and eftpos, Plenty of street parking in the area


A little quaint, unassuming and inconspicuous breakfast spot… perfect for winter.


Space & Atmosphere: 3.5
Cosy, inviting and homely. Scout was lovely, a simple interior consisting of two rooms. The front room held the seating for small parties as well as the coffee bar and counter, while the back room (which we affectionately named the boardroom) had a gorgeous big timber communal table… it would be perfect for birthday breakfasts and large groups as the noise is contained.

Staff & Service: 5
We had a bitchin’ little waitress. She was so genuine and personable, very smiley and just one of those people you can’t help but get along with. She was also wearing a blink 182 shirt beneath a very 50’s styling floral looking half apron – which just made her 136% cooler.

The Menu: 3
A pretty stock standard sort of menu with a few interesting ingredients, we placed bets on what Kaiserfleisch and Morcilla were… turns out its pretty much just bacon and black pudding (not fish and pumperknickel HA). The menu wasn’t extensive but what you’d expect of a little breakfast cafe with the only distinctively different dish being the breakfast salad. Pricing was standard ranging from $5 for toast or crumpets to $18 for the mushroom with Kaiserfleisch.



My Meal: 3.5 I had the Breakfast Salad – which as my first breakfast salad was pretty darn good. My dates had the Breaky Bagel and Slow Roasted Field Mushrooms. There were no unsatisfied customers… click here for the rating deets

Break Bagel: 3.5
Breaky Bagel w fried egg, Kaiserfleisch, cheddar, rocket, housemade relish & mayo

Breakfast Salad: 3.5
Breakfast salad w locally made Morcilla, crispy Kaiser, roasted cherry tomatoes, rocket, spanish onion, fried egg & salsa verde croutons

Slow Roasted Field Mushrooms: 5 (must have been epic)
Slow roasted field mushrooms on pane w confit garlic puree, melted fontina, truffle oil, shaved pecorino, a friend egg, enoki & rocket salad


photo-9 photo-8








The Coffee: 4
HALLELUJAH! My coffee came out hot the first time round… I was so happy and in such great company that I forgot to pay more attention to my morning hero (oh Joe how I love you) but I’m pretty sure it went down smoothly.

Overall: 3.75
Great meal, great space… nothing that we can fault but nothing super special either. I will definitely be back… hopefully for a birthday breakfast in the boardroom 😉

190 Petrie Tce, Spring Hill
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 7am-4pm

Notes: Eftpos available (but only one transaction per table unless you have cash), Plenty of street parking around the place and noise level – low.

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The Rogue Rennard

Oh. My. Gosh. What a great little find!


This morning I ventured out to catch up with an old friend over breakfast. She suggested we go to The Rogue Rennard and holy dooly Im so happy she did. This sweet little place ticks all the boxes.

Space & Atmosphere: 3.5
I walked in and immediately thought cute. There is a gorgeous wee deck out the front and a lovely staid vintage french aesthetic inside. The atmosphere was laid back and being a Thursday morning there were only a few other customers dining around us. We sat inside and the hum of the coffee machine behind us and warm smells made a lovely, laid back setting for a quality catch up.

The Staff & Service: 3.5
Now I’ve read a few reviews about how great the staff are BUT I honestly didn’t get the “anything special” vibe. Don’t get me wrong I have NOTHING to complain about, the waitress was lovely, polite and attentive and the barista gave us a smile when we walked in but nothing out of the ordinary. However, I plan on becoming a regular so hopefully I build a little rapport with the staff. Also, I think the waitress serving us was new as she only charged me for one coffee instead of two… I only realised when I left so I plan on tipping generously next time I go in with cash!

The Menu: 4
Great menu, Great meal titles, GREAT prices. Check out the April 2013 menu here. There is only a small selection to choose from but you couldn’t really ask for anything more… there is avocado on toast, bircher, an omelette, cheese toastie, mushrooms and a scramble… seriously what else does anyone want for breakfast? AND the best part of the menu is… hold on to your chairs because NOTHING IS OVER $14!!! I know right!?! I seriously was like “Shut the front gate! are you for real?”

My Meal: 4.
My conrad and I both indulged in the Avocat le fleur (avocado on toast).

Avocat le fleur

Avocado w/ Persian fetta, cracked pepper & fleur de sel, finished with crushed pine nuts & pistachio, lemony oil & a lemon wedge. 1pc/2pc – $6.5/$10

I almost couldn’t finish mine. There was a flippin’ whole avocado on my plate! It was the perfect combination and I received my serving of good fats for the next 3 days – winning!

The Coffee: 4.5
I was so glad to see the coffee used was Cup Coffee. I treated myself to two long blacks this morning… and my partner had two skinny lattes. Now the coffee was great! But the first lot could have been a bit warmer… however I mentioned this to the waitress and I could not fault the next two. Perfect. Cheers Rogue Rennard! Nothing beats a great cup of joe.

Overall: 4
$13 for a cup of great coffee and a delicious filling meal… seriously, does it get any better?!?!

The Rogue Rennard
106a Latrobe Tce, Paddington
Opening hours: Tues-Sat 7am-4pm, Monday 7am-12noon, Sunday 8am-4pm

Follow them on instagram @theroguerennard and Facebook

Notes: Eftpos is available, plenty of onstreet parking (with a short walk), unsure about gluten free options, noise – low to moderate.

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Corner Store Cafe

This is probably one of my favourite ‘go to’ breakfast places in Brisbane, mainly because I live around the corner from it but also because I like the concept behind the cafe and I can always expect a certain standard of quality.

The Space and Atmosphere:
It’s warm, inviting, fun and relaxing. The owners have transformed an old turn-of-the-century cottage into a cool and contemporary space, while still maintaining elements of its historical charm. The big patio (which holds most the seating) overlooks the vegetable and herb garden that is utilised by the kitchen. The atmosphere is great, its laid back and casual while still being a busy and interesting place.

The Staff and Service:
The staff are all BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, it is a great place to go for a perve all of them are superhumans. They are also polite, friendly and attentive without being overbearing… being a large cafe it lacks that genuine feel and service of an owner operator establishment. But you can’t have it all!

The Menu:
The food menu gets changed every couple of months (which is great for regulars like me!) Sometimes they add completely new dishes and sometimes they just put a new spin on an old favourite. With prices ranging from a $5 -$18.50 the cafe actually has something for everyone – even you gluten intolerant kids out there. A new menu was released last week and although it was  as impressive as always (with such items as avo on toast, muesli, fruit salad, a hash and even coussoulet) nothing really caught my attention.

My Meal:

I had the Pan Sandwich and my partner in crime had the Smashed Avocado

Pan Sandwich, Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Caramelised Onion, Basil, Tomato Salsa, Poached Egg $18.50

Smashed Avocado, Whipped Fetta, Za’atar, Turkish Toast, Lemon, Olive Oil $12.50

My meal was delicious (although I felt like it needed a little more caramelised onion just to combat the saltiness of the prosciutto) and well worth the $18.50. The Smashed Avocado was good… just not great… however it is sitting in the shadow of its predecessor as the last rendition of this breakfast classic was amazing!

Now, the coffee. It just sucks. In the dozen or so times I’ve been I think I have had 1 good (not great) coffee. I am forever sending back luke warm coffees and the cups are so darn small that I need to order 2 to feel like I’ve had 1.

Another downside it that it can sometimes be a bit noise, especially on weekends!

I really like the Corner Store Cafe and I love knowing it’s open 7 days a week AND that I can always get a car park.
I will continue to visit this Cafe and I’d definitely recommend it to others.
Corner Store Cafe
113 Sylvan Rd, Toowong
Open: 7 days a week 7am-3pm



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